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Prefabricated Houses

Construction Method Characteristics

1. High construction precision and quality;
2. Dust and noise free, meet the environmental requirements in construction;
3. No exterior scaffolding is required, which helps safe and easy construction;
4. High construction efficiency.

Process Principle

During prefabricated housing construction, the members produced in factory are transported to the construction site with special transportation vehicle and reasonably stacked in temporary stacking area; for load-bearing prefabricated wall panel, the cast-in-situ panels are embedded with rebars, and holes are reserved on the load-bearing members to be aligned with the embedded joint bars during member installation; non-bearing members are subjected to measurement and setting-out for installation using bed-mortar method; then the rebars embedded in the prefabricated members will be anchored to the embedded columns in the cast-in-situ panels and floor slab to form a monolithic precast concrete structure.

Process Flow for Construction of Monolithic Shear Wall Structures

Application Case

Project of Luodian Large-scale Residential Community Resettlement Housing Phase II (Lot C10)
Project Site: Luodian Town, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Construction Period: Construction of prefabricated structure was planned to be commenced on May 28, 2015 and completed on October 31, 2015.
Luodian Large-scale Residential Community Resettlement Housing Phase II (Lot C10) contracted by our company cover the area enclosed by Luozhi Road on the east, Luonan Road on the west, Meian Road on the South and Luonan River on the north. In Lot C10, there are seven 18-storey and two 11-storey residential housings, one independent civil air defense underground garage, one 2-storey supporting public housing and three power distribution station. Among them, 3# and 6# buildings are prefabricated housings with a prefabrication rate of 20.6%.


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